How to treat blocked grommets

Grommets are tubes to equalise the pressure between the middle ear and the outside world. They can become blocked from infection e.g. swimming without ear plugs or sinusitis.

A blocked grommet makes the ear feel dull and the hearing poor. If you fly with a blocked grommet it can be painful on aircraft descent.

A blocked grommet needs to be seen by a doctor as it may be blocked because it is extruding and needs replacement. There are many types of grommets but common varieties last either A: 6-12 months or B: 2-3 years.

Once a doctor has established your grommet is blocked he or she will write a script for Sofradex drops. You need to flood the ear canal twice a day, pumping the drops through the grommet using the skin tag (tragus) in front of the ear. This takes 1-2 mins per application. If you can taste the drops down the back of your throat you have succeeded in unblocking the grommet. This can take up to 3 weeks of therapy.