Rhinoplasty Surgery: choosing your surgeon for rhinoplasty

With so many rhinoplasty websites available on the net it is difficult to choose a rhinoplasty surgeon. Obviously you would choose a rhinoplasty surgeon with FRACS after their name as this ensures specialty training but even then it is difficult to know how often they perform rhinoplasty.

The very best way to choose a rhinoplasty surgeon is to ask someone who knows. The very best reference comes from operating theatre staff and local doctors.

Last year Dr. Dunlop performed over 50 rhinoplasties of which 10% were on staff, staff’s relatives or relatives of local doctors. People endorse people they trust.

Next best, I would trust someone who has already had a great rhinoplasty and ask them about their rhinoplasty surgeon. They have only had one rhinoplasty experience but this is a good guide.

If your only resource for choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon is the internet make sure the rhinoplasty website you choose has the following:

  • The rhinoplasty surgeon is a specialist surgeon (FRACS)
  • The before and after rhinoplasty images show an improvement you yourself are looking for in your own rhinoplasty. Avoid the obvious “nose job” look of a scooped out profile and pert tip.  Softness and subtly in rhinoplasty is everything.
  • Make sure the rhinoplasty website gives you practical advice to help guide you through your rhinoplasty experience.

Choosing a great rhinoplasty website is not the way to choose a great rhinoplasty surgeon. You need someone well experienced in rhinoplasty, well regarded and naturally, someone you feel you can get along with. Rhinoplasty patients see their rhinoplasty surgeon for at least 18 months. It takes this long for a rhinoplasty to fully heal.