Rhinoplasty & Plastic Surgery

Dr Gillian Dunlop has a unique approach to rhinoplasty. She is a premier portrait artist whose commissions include the Governor General, Quentin Bryce, and the Governor of NSW, Marie Bashir. In 2006, she won the People’s Choice Award for the Salon des Refuses in 2004, she was an Archibald Finalist.

The skills involved in rhinoplasty and portraiture complement and strengthen each other.

Portrait makes me consider what it is that distinguishes a face? Likewise, with rhinoplasty, I consider- what is that is distracting about this nose?

My aim is to firstly listen to the patient’s concerns, such as the bump or deviation or poor airway. After examining the noise inside and outside and with photography, I guide the patient through the decision making process. The question really is, what is possible with surgery?

I strongly believe that the best possible outcome for rhinoplasty is a nose no one notices. If the nose is unremarkable we focus on the eyes. This is what I want to achieve for my patients

No one to look operated on, I strive for a natural appearance and above all, a well functioning nose. As an ENT surgeon with 15 years of experience, I am fully qualified to deal with:-

  • Airway problem
  • Sinus pain
  • Recurrent infections

Dr. Dunlop has artwork in collections around the world. She is a member of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons and the Australian Academy Of Facial Plastic Surgery (Treasure 1999-2005). Her main surgical interests are rhinoplasty and bat ear correction. Her dual career as a portrait artist can be examined in the artwork section of this website.

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