How Much Does An Otoplasty Cost?

Please note that these prices are valid as of March 2021 and are subject to change.

This is how we calculate it.  It will be somewhere between $7000 and $10000 depending on whether you have a Medicare item number and health insurance.

The three main components are:

  1. The surgical fee (approx $6,500)
  2. The anaesthetic fee  (approx. $500 to $3500)  This varies due to the time taken for the operation and the anaesthetist chosen.
  3. The cost of hospitalisation   This can vary from patient to patient and we encourage you to contact your health fund and confirm your coverage.  You may have an excess plus incidental costs of around $200 covers for pharmaceutical medicines and disposable items in operating theatre.

If you don’t have health insurance, you will pay approx $3570 to $6,000 for the use of the operating theatre, hospital bed and nursing care. This fee is payable to the hospital on the day of admission.

If you do not qualify for a Medicare item number there is no Medicare rebate.  No Medicare rebate also means your health insurance will not cover you for all fees associated with the surgeon, anaesthetist or hospital admission.

 Medicare only gives item numbers for otoplasty to children up to the age of 18 if they have  have been teased about their prominent ears.

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